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The Story of Homer Marine

How It All Began​

Eric Sloth’s career path as a boatbuilder lacks formal education or defined credentials. Growing up in rural Nebraska, far from the tides of Kachemak Bay, seemed an unlikely start. His initiation into boat construction occurred at the age of 15 when he built a wood-canvas canoe for floating the Platte River. When leaks became an issue, he ingeniously patched them with more canvas, tacks, and an additional coat of latex paint.

Arrival to Kachemak Bay

In 1980, Eric and his wife Stephanie ventured to the shores of Kachemak Bay, Alaska. There, they discovered a thriving maritime community, offering Eric the privilege of working with local shipwrights during the boom of the salmon and herring fisheries.

The Boatyard

Over 40 years have elapsed, and Eric still dedicates himself to the same boatyard. His passion for engaging in intriguing projects and collaborating with talented individuals remains unwavering. Eric holds a deep admiration for skill and perseverance, and finds immense joy in the realms of creativity and innovation.

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