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Boat Builders in Homer, Alaska

We're more than boat builders – we're a thriving maritime community, uniting to transform dreams into seaworthy realities through expert craftsmanship, repairs, and a shared love for the water.

Custom Fiberglass Boat Refits

We personally craft top-tier custom refits for commercial workboats, seamlessly enhancing each vessel’s unique character. From Awlgrip refinishing to hull extensions and powerful repowers, our team brings a human touch and passion for excellence to every project.

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Custom Catamarans Built for You

We specialize in constructing elite composite catamarans for adventure and sport. We make our boats strong yet lightweight through advanced vacuum resin infusion processes. Special knitted fabrics including carbon fibers combined with high temperature epoxies form the foundation of our vessels.

Meet The Owner

Eric Sloth has dedicated the past 40 years to perfecting his craft. His unwavering commitment to excellence has not only resulted in the creation of exceptional vessels but has also earned him a reputation as an extraordinary individual. Eric is known for his warm personality, unwavering dedication to his clients, and his deep passion for the maritime world.

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