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3M™ Copper Anti Seize - Brake Lube, 08945, 9 oz, 6 per case


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Each Unit contains 6 Canisters
Case quantities might require a lead time. Call (907) 435-7881 or email for more information.
  • High-viscosity lubricant promotes free movement in metal-to-metal applications
  • Blend of tiny copper and graphite metal particles in semi-synthetic oil holds up under extreme pressure and temperature conditions
  • Can withstand intermittent temperatures up to 2000° F
  • Ideal as an anti-seize lubricant for the metal-to-metal contact points of brake systems (not for use on friction material)
  • Use to keeps nuts & bolts from seizing together
  • Thick viscosity and ability to "stay where put" may help inhibit rust
Unit Conversions
1 Canister = 1 Canister
1 Case = 6 Canister
1 Pallet = 1,764 Canister